Helifly can cater for almost any type of helicopter aerial work that you may require, whether it is aerial photography for real estate, cherry drying or aerial survey. Helifly has extensive experience with aerial work and offer competitive pricing.

aerial 2Helifly has been looking after the Albury Tigers Football club each year with their annual golf ball drop for charity and more football clubs are starting to use Helifly for their special event for dropping either golf balls, rubber ducks or paddle pop sticks for a spectacular charity event to make the most of one football game and make money for the club. Helifly has assisted these events by supplying the helicopter as a platform for the drop on to the footy ground in front of all the spectators. It has become a very popular event and there is as much as $10,000 at stake for the ball that land closest to the pin on the oval!!

For the past few years Helifly has been looking after two to three properties with drying their cherry crop to avoid the crop getting damaged due to rain. We fly in and simply hover over the trees and dry the cherry crop with the downwash from the helicopter which shakes the trees and get rid of the water sitting on the cherries. For two months of the year we are on stand-by for drying and are ready to dry as soon as there has been any significant rain.

Helifly has over the years done a lot of aerial photography in the local area around Albury-Wodonga and Lake Hume, extending to Mount Bogong, Falls Creek, Mount Hotham and the snowy mountains. The helicopter makes for a fantastic work platform for every photographer with great views with the doors removed and nothing in the way for the camera. Filming from the helicopter is also possible with a stability system in place. What a great way to sell real estate with aerial views of the property showing it all in its full glory from above.

We have also helped farmers finding lost cattle and with aerial survey of the farm and property being able to save a lot of time and avoid loss of stock. There are times when flying over the property can take less than an hour finding what you were looking for instead of a land search for days with 10 people!

Please contact us for more information or help in regards to any aerial work you require.


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Helifly offers a range of helicopter services including Charter, Aerial Work and helicopter Flight Training up to a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

Helifly also offers a wide range of Scenic or Joy Flights to suit your needs.

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