Welcome to Helifly and the world of Aviation. Below is some information to help you understand the process of becoming a helicopter pilot and what is required to get a helicopter licence.

We offer two types of licences:

  • PPL-H (Private Pilot Licence Helicopter) and
  • CPL-H (Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopter)

The PPL-H entitles you to fly recreationally around Australia, but does not allow you to work or make money out of your flying. As a CPL-H holder it entitles you to work as a helicopter pilot within Australia.

Helifly operate a Schweizer H-269 helicopter also called Hughes 300 which is used world-wide for training and is well known for being versatile and a great trainer for students. We also offer training and flight reviews in the Robinson R44 and Bell (B206) Jetranger helicopters.

Learning to fly a helicopter is fun and exciting. It can also lead to a very rewarding career.

The helicopter industry offers many different job opportunities such as; fire spotting, firefighting, heli mustering, heli logging, air ambulance, police helicopter, search and rescue, sling loading, film and photography, powerline survey and a wide variety of tourism with scenic flights and charter.

You are never too old to learn and it is better to have tried it than to regret never doing it at all. Remember you can always do a Trial Introductory Flight and see if this is for you or not!


Theory Courses Available

Private Helicopter Theory

Helifly is holding a 2 week helicopter theory course for the purpose of satisfying the theory component for the Private Helicopter Licence. Courses run throughout the year on demand. The course includes a theory pack containing theory books, work books, maps and equipment.

Next course available is: 26th August 2024.

Limited places are available and bookings are essential. Please call us today for more information and booking.


Where do I start?

Your first lesson is Helicopter Familiarisation which introduces you to helicopters, the student environment and our facilities and staff.

If you are unsure if helicopter flying is for you, we can do a shorter Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) which if you decide to continue will count as lesson number 1. The Trial Introductory Flight is half an hour in the helicopter and is only $395. This is also a very good gift voucher option for someone who just wants to have a go at flying a helicopter for fun. No further requirement to complete a licence unless you wanted to.

We then apply for your ARN, (Aviation Reference Number), through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and we might send you to a medical examiner to get the class of medical examination you need for the licence sought. If you are not concerned about your medical health and believe you will be able to pass a general medical health check you can choose to do this at a later stage. We do require a medical prior to flying solo in the helicopter which normally happens around the 20-30 hours of flying.

Then you can start your exciting helicopter training and come in for a flight as often as you have the ability. How fast you go through the training is really up to you. There is no minimum time to complete your training so you can fit it in with your life and your economy. Helifly offers helicopter training pretty much 7 days a week and will be available when it suits you.


Helicopter Theory

The theory involved in getting a PPL-H is one exam that includes the 7 subjects listed below. We recommend attending a theory course that is covered over two weeks from Monday till Saturday here at Helifly and is held depending on demand and students availability. We try to accommodate everyone with holding a theory course when it suits you. We know that two weeks is a long time to take off work and commit to learning, but we might be able to break it up into weekends or holidays.

Please let us know when it suits you and we will be able to plan for your course when you have the time.

The theory exams are held at Helifly and can be completed most days after the theory course to keep the course and the exam as close as possible.

The theory for the CPL-H is 7 separate exams to complete the 7 subjects listed below. We recommend attending the theory course for the PPL-H and after that you could read one subject at the time on your own if you wanted to. You can get tutoring for one day per subject to help you get organised at the last minute before you sit the written exam. That way you should be able to get through the theory part and pass each exam one at the time. There is also an option to sit a full theory course over 12 weeks.


Theory Subjects for CPL-H

  • Flight Rules and Air Law
  • Aerodynamics
  • Aircraft General Knowledge
  • Operation, Performance and Flight planning
  • Navigation
  • Meteorology
  • Human Factors


PPL-H Requirements

  • 50 hours minimum of helicopter flying, (10 hrs solo in a helicopter), 15 hrs navigation (including 5 hours solo navigation),
  • 30 hours helicopter flying if the holder of a PPL-A, or CPL-A
  • Be at least 17 years of age
  • Hold a class 2 medical (or basic class 2)
  • Pass one theory exams


CPL-H Requirements

  • 105 hours minimum of helicopter flying = 40 hrs dual general flying, 25 hrs solo general flying, 25 hrs navigation (10 solo and 15 dual navigation),
  • 70 hours minimum helicopter flying if the holder of a PPL-A, or
  • 60 hours minimum helicopter flying if the holder of a CPL-A
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Hold a class 1 medical
  • Hold a Radio Licence
  • Pass 7 theory exams


If you have any questions, please give us a call on 0423 697 611 or come and see us at the Albury airport at our Helifly hangar to start your new exciting career path today!

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